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A traditional Böd was a building used to house fishermen and their gear during the fishing season. Today, the term is used to describe the network of restored historic buildings, located in beautiful settings throughout Shetland, which provide a basic and economical way to tour the islands.

  • Sail Loft camping bod - based in VoeSail Loft camping bod - based in Voe
  • Aithbank camping bod - based in FetlarAithbank camping bod - based in Fetlar
  • Betty Mouats camping bod - based in SumburghBetty Mouats camping bod - based in Sumburgh
  • Grieve House camping bod - based in WhalsayGrieve House camping bod - based in Whalsay
  • Johnnie Notions camping bod - based in EshanessJohnnie Notions camping bod - based in Eshaness
  • Johnnie Notions camping bod - interiorJohnnie Notions camping bod - interior
  • Nesbister camping bod - based in WhitenessNesbister camping bod - based in Whiteness
  • Skeld camping bod - based in SkeldSkeld camping bod - based in Skeld
  • Skeld camping bod - interiorSkeld camping bod - interior
  • Voe House camping bod - based in WallsVoe House camping bod - based in Walls
  • Voe House camping bod - interiorVoe House camping bod - interior
  • Windhouse Lodge camping bod - based in YellWindhouse Lodge camping bod - based in Yell


Establishment Overview

There are nine properties spread throughout the isles, each of which has a connection to the local area and forms part of the Shetland Heritage Accommodation network.

The Böd at Nesbister, in Whiteness, is the only traditional fishing Böd in the network and a visual jewel, set out on its own rocky peninsula. Betty Mouat’s Böd in the South of Shetland was once home to the redoubtable Ms Mouat who drifted alone in a boat to Norway and lived to tell the tale.

Other properties were also once the homes of famous residents. Greive House in Whalsay is where famous poet Hugh McDiarmid lived for many years, under the name Christopher Grieve, and penned some of his best work. Johnnie Notions, set among spectacular cliff scenery in Northmavine, was once home to the smallpox inoculation pioneer John Williamson.

Each Böd has its own story and connection to its location. The network is perfectly set out to allow travellers to spend a night in each one during a tour around Shetland.

The facilities in each Böd vary from the very basic - no electricity or flush toilet - to the more luxurious locations which boast hot showers, cooking facilities, and heating. The Böds are basic accommodation and travellers will need to bring items which they would normally bring on a camping trip such as warm clothing and bedding as the bare minimum.

For more information on each of the individual properties and facilities, please visit our website at

Advance bookings can be made by calling 01595 694688.


Bod Rates start at: £10 - £12 per person per night


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