Tours and Trips

Photo: Maurice Henderson Zoom Photo: Maurice Henderson To get the most out of your Shetland visit, make sure to fit in a trip with the local guides who can uncover the secrets of local history, delve into archaeological and geological mysteries and tell stories of folklore and trows. They can help you watch the wonderful wildlife, catch the biggest fish, walk the wildest landscape, or just enjoy the stunning scenery from land and sea… and, new in 2019, an exciting experience from Airtask (operators of the inter-island flight service) who plan to offer airborne trips to view the islands from the sky!

Photo: Angela Irvine. Zoom Photo: Angela Irvine. On land, every aspect of Shetland’s environment is covered by a team of experienced and knowledgeable guides and experts, both on foot or in comfy taxis or coaches. Whatever your interest – wildlife, botany, knitting, archaeology, photography, geology, folklore, gardening, food, music – there’ll be a tour or guide to help you make sure you don’t miss out on any of the best bits.

Boat trips to experience the most spectacular and fascinating seabird colonies and, if you’re lucky, perhaps see a whale or dolphin or two, are a must for those interested in all things wild. From Lerwick you can visit the incredible seabird cities at Noss national nature reserve, taking in Bressay’s coastline on the way; from Sandwick you can enjoy the Mousa RSPB reserve’s interesting wildlife and the best-preserved Iron Age broch in existence! Or head to Aith for trips to view the impressive red cliffs and stacks in the north-west of Shetland from the sea too.

Photo: Graham Mullay Zoom Photo: Graham Mullay Diving and sea angling trips can be arranged and you can even have a day, weekend, or longer sail on Shetland’s restored herring drifter Swan, or try a short sail around Lerwick harbour on the replica longship Dim Riv.

As well as scheduled trips, most operators offer bespoke tours or private charters to suit your particular interests and requirements… just give them a call, browse their respective websites, or contact the Visit Shetland tourist information office (01595 693434) for more details.

Other useful contacts are the Shetland Islands Tourist Guides Association and the Shetland Amenity Trust Ranger service.

Visit The Shetland Times Bookshop for a great selection of books, maps, guides and gifts.